Response team assessing needs in Tripoli

Libya, August 27, 2011

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  • Response team assessing needs in Tripoli

We now have a five-person response team in Tripoli, visiting hospitals, assessing general humanitarian needs and meeting with other emergency relief groups such as the Libyan Red Crescent.

Initial reports of humanitarian needs in the Libyan capital indicate that hospitals are stretched to capacity, and water, food and fuel are in short supply.

Meanwhile, we're preparing to provide post-trauma assistance to 5,000 children in Libya through two programs:

  • Comfort for Kids focuses on training non-mental health professionals to help children recover from the emotional effects of a large-scale disaster.
  • Moving Forward uses sports and games to promote resilience, teamwork, self-esteem and constructive communication to crisis-affected kids, and targets children and young people aged 10-19.

Read more about the program in today's edition of The Scotsman, the hometown newspaper of our UK headquarters.

Also, next month we'll open a Civil Society Resource Center in Benghazi in response to community desires for the support and training of community service organizations in a new Libya.

Stay tuned for further updates.