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Around the world, wherever there are people struggling to survive, you can come to their aid and be their caring friend — all year long.

We never know when the next super storm or earthquake will strike ... or when a war will shatter lives and send families fleeing for safety. So it's the monthly support of our Partners In Mercy that enables us to take fast action to save the most lives.

In the face of unexpected crises, the immediate aid provided by our Partners In Mercy brings relief and hope to families at their greatest time of need, and ongoing support so communities can build back better.

Please become a Partner In Mercy monthly donor today. You can put your compassion into action every month by making regular monthly donations.

It's fast and easy. You can choose how you want to give — through your bank account or credit card. You can also change the amount of your gifts or cancel your monthly pledge at any time.

It's efficient. You'll reduce our administrative costs, putting more of your gift to work helping people in need.

It's rewarding. "My monthly donation gives me peace of mind," says Partner In Mercy member Zan. "Every day, I know that there are people suffering, and Mercy Corps is helping them build stronger futures."

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