Stand up for a better world

We work to promote policies that transform lives and represent the voices of the people we work with. You too can make a better world possible when you take a stand on critical issues affecting the most vulnerable people around the globe. Sign a petition — we need your voice.

Eleanor in Kenya

Stand with those most at risk in combating climate change

Urge Congress to fund climate adaptation and strengthen climate risk programs to ensure vulnerable communities are better equipped to face the destructive effects of climate change.

Veronica in Nigeria

Urge Congress to fully fund the Global Fragility Act

For too long we’ve treated the symptoms of violence instead of the root causes. The historic bipartisan Global Fragility Act is changing that. Help us ensure this new law fulfills its potential.

Rana and her children in Lebanon

Help protect women and girls around the world

Despite an estimated 1 in 5 refugee or displaced women in humanitarian emergencies experiencing sexual violence, humanitarian responses often do not address the risks they face. The bi-partisan Safe from the Start Act will change that.


Protect foreign aid

Foreign aid not only saves millions of lives, it also builds a safer world for us all. Sign now to ensure Congress protects the International Affairs budget.

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