Include Mercy Corps in your will

One of the most powerful ways you can support families facing conflict, crisis and disaster around the world is by including Mercy Corps as a beneficiary in your will. Your legacy gift connects your life story with our work for years to come—and with the lives of the millions of people we reach.

Everyone who establishes a legacy gift is invited to join our Giron Legacy Society, our way of honoring you for your lasting commitment and encouraging others to follow your example. The Giron Legacy Society is named in honor of Oscar “Tito” Giron, a bright and charismatic Guatemalan pediatrician, and one of our first employees. Tito established a village health program in Honduras, where he rode his small motorcycle back and forth between villages to treat his patients. Sadly, Tito died in service to others, a victim of political unrest. With the Giron Legacy Society, we honor his commitment and devotion to serving others.

As a member of the Giron Legacy Society, you’ll receive exclusive reports on our work in the field and invitations to special events where you can learn more about the impact you’re making around the world.

If you decide to leave us in your will, please reference our legal name, Mercy Corps, and our tax ID: 91-1148123. And please let us know! We’d love to recognize you for your generosity and welcome you into the Giron Legacy Society.

Meet Dinah Dodds, Giron Legacy Society member

As a young woman, Dinah spent three years living and working in Germany – an experience that changed her life. “It made me very passionate about the importance of people spending time overseas,” she says.

Later, as a professor at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Dinah led students on overseas study programs to Thailand, Kenya, Australia and Scotland. She sees her relationship with Mercy Corps as a continuation of her passion and concern for cultures and people beyond her borders.

Dinah appreciates that Mercy Corps “creates connections between cultures in a way that benefits people who are under tremendous stress, whether it’s hunger or warfare. That’s why I’m so committed to what Mercy Corps does.”

To ensure that she can leave a legacy of compassion and help people in crisis build better lives for years to come, Dinah has included Mercy Corps in her will.

“I’ve been able to observe Mercy Corps over the years and you continue to do these amazing things,” says Dinah. “You hire lots and lots of local people to carry out the projects, which I think is fabulous. The work is ongoing and it doesn’t just come and go when things get rough.”

That’s why we are her charity of choice – and why she’s eager to recommend legacy giving to others.

“If anyone wants to contribute to an organization that has an impact on what’s going on in the world in a positive way, which we need more than ever right now, they should think about putting Mercy Corps in their will.”