Humanitarian response continues as rebels enter Tripoli

Libya, August 22, 2011

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As events in Libya's capital continue to unfold, Mercy Corps is monitoring the situation closely in anticipation of meeting urgent humanitarian needs after the conflict ceases. And we continue to aid Libyans in several other conflict-affected areas.

Our humanitarian-response teams have been on the ground since March, shortly after fighting erupted in eastern Libya. We've distributed non-food items such as blankets, diapers, hygiene kits and kitchen sets, and helped distribute food in Misrata with the Libyan Red Crescent and UN World Food Program.

Here's the latest on our activities:

  • We're part of a small, multi-agency Humanitarian Crisis Team based in eastern Tunisia that is monitoring events in Tripoli and prepared to respond to humanitarian needs.
  • Our teams continue to monitor UN food distributions to displaced families in conflict-affected cities.
  • We're launching a program based in the Nafusa Mountains, supported by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which will ensure the needs of conflict-affected populations are met.

As the situation in Libya evolves, Mercy Corps remains committed to working with the Libyan people to promote long-term development and positive social change.

Stay tuned for more updates.