Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Director - Netherlands

Scott Brown has spent his career championing causes, including peacebuilding and solar energy, and has been an important partner to Mercy Corps for more than three decades.

His first interaction with Mercy Corps was in 1984, when his work with the peacebuilding think tank Conflict Management Group connected him with relief and development agencies on potential conflict-resolution projects. He has since joined Mercy Corps’ board of directors and serves as the compensation committee chair.

His favorite thing about working with Mercy Corps is being able to visit the people and places the organization supports.

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Scott holds a degree in Russian studies and mathematics from Dartmouth College. He also attended Harvard Law School, where he was a founding member of the Harvard Negotiation Project, which aims to improve the practice of conflict resolution and negotiation.

Scott has an esteemed career in the renewable energy sector, having held leadership positions at First Solar, Inc. and Glasstech Solar, Inc. At present he is the CEO and co-founder of New Energy Capital Partners, a New-England-based company with investments in biofuels, renewable power and onsite cogeneration assets.

He has also worked as CEO of Conflict Management Group, which merged with Mercy Corps in 2004, and dean of the Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth College.

When not working, Scott spends his time bicycling, cross-country skiing, and reading.