Bio photo for Swathi Massar.

Swathi Massar

Vice President for Organizational Inclusion & Chief of Staff

In her role as Vice President for Organizational Inclusion & Chief of Staff, Swathi Massar leads Mercy Corps’ GDI and localization efforts to ensure that the organization becomes more equitable and inclusive in all the contexts where it operates. Also the Chief of Staff, she's busy leading teams, easing communications, and uniting people across the organization to keep everyone moving forward.

Swathi has over 15 years of experience strengthening and driving inclusion in organisations across the globe, particularly in conflict-affected and post-conflict settings in the former Soviet Union, Middle East, and South Asia. Major efforts she has led include the incubation, growth, and independence of an NGO dedicated to promoting justice for Syria, and strengthening and promoting an inclusive community development model in South Asia that builds sustained community cohesion and development.

Swathi is dedicated to listening and learning from team members at all levels throughout the GDI organisational change process, and to leveraging Mercy Corps’ assets for short-term successes while putting in place a framework for long-term behavior change.