Handling donations from your fundraiser

We really appreciate all you’ve done—or plan to do—as we work together to help build a world where all can prosper! Please help us be efficient with the donations you’ve collected by reading over these guidelines for handling and submitting donations.

How to handle donations at events

Set up a “Donation Station”

If you’re using a personal fundraising page, set up a laptop or tablet that’s connected to the Internet. Then, attendees can view your page and enter a credit card number. Please do not go online to make others’ credit card donations yourself.

Update your Fundraising Page

When your event ends, update your online fundraising page total. Log on, proceed to your fundraising page and open the “Edit” tab. Fill in the “Amount raised offline” field and hit “Save.”

Submitting donations

We can only accept credit cards or checks made out to “Mercy Corps.” For security purposes: please convert any cash donations to check or money order before mailing.

It helps us to keep administrative costs down if all donations are sent with the fundraising tracking form (PDF or Excel file). Please complete the form with your first and last name (and the title of your fundraising page, if applicable).

Make sure the total is equal to the amount you submit to Mercy Corps. Donations submitted without a full name and address are considered “anonymous” and the donor will not receive a receipt.

Timing matters!

Supporters appreciate timely receipts, so please submit donations as quickly as possible. If you expect more donations to trickle in, please submit what you have now and send the rest later.

Please send donations and the form to Mercy Corps’ National Processing Center:

PO BOX 37800
BOONE, IA 50037-4800

Although Mercy Corps is still based in Portland, Oregon, all donations must go through our National Processing Center.

(Note: Mercy Corps does not accept and cannot offer receipts for non-monetary gifts such as clothing, food or any type of service. Please do not ship items for donation to this address.)

Thank your donors

Acknowledging donors is one of the most important steps in fundraising. Be sure to let them know you appreciate their support as much as we do! Once you’re done with your event or fundraising, be sure to thank your donors for their generous contributions and let them know the grand total raised. Thank donors as a group or individually on social media, at your event, by phone call or with a personal email.

For convenience, you can say thank you through your personal fundraising page. You only need to log in, look at your page and click “Thank.” We’ve even started a draft for you!

Tax receipts

Monetary donations to Mercy Corps are tax-deductible and we mail receipts directly to donors using their contact information from the fundraising tracking form (PDF or Excel file) and the donation envelopes/slips you submit. (Remember: Donations Mercy Corps receives without a full name and address are considered “anonymous” and the donor will not receive a receipt.)

Important: If only a portion of the amount you raise will be donated (ie: “a $75 dinner reservation of which $50 will be donated”), attendees must be informed in advance that their tax receipt will only reflect the amount Mercy Corps receives.

Share your success!

Share updates about our beneficiaries and programs from our website, social media or emails. Donors are giving to create positive change, be sure they see the impact of their gifts!