Syria and Yemen: Through my Lens

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October 17th 2012, 7:00 pm — 8:30 pm

Location: Mercy Corps Action Center

What: Mercy Corps’ photographer and journalist, Cassandra Nelson, shows photographs and reports on her recent visit to Syria and Yemen.

When: 7 pm, Wednesday, October 17.

Where: The Mercy Corps Action Center, 28 SW 1st Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97204; 503-896-5747.

RSVP: You can RSVP for this free talk by clicking here.

As a Mercy Corps’ photographer and journalist, Cassandra Nelson has been a first-responder to many of the major humanitarian disasters over the past decade including the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the Iraq War, the Haiti earthquake and the 2011 famine in Mogadishu. Recently on site reporting on Mercy Corps programs helping Syrian refugees in bordering countries, Nelson also looked in on our work helping children and families caught up in the fighting in Yemen.