Somali Youth Leaders Initiative Brownbag

July 31, 2017 // 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Keith Luse

We're sorry! This event has been cancelled.

Meet Sadia*. Her family's survival depended on the money made from renting out rooms in her house, and relied on her children to handle the money. Sadia attended literacy and numeracy classes through Mercy Corps’ Somali Youth Learners Initiative (SYLI) program and she now runs a business and is able to handle all the finances herself. 12,699 other people  (80% of them women) benefited from this training, just like Sadia. *not her real name

Mercy Corps' Somali Youth Learners Initiative (SYLI) program focused on creating inclusive and equitable education opportunities to promote peace and stability in Somalia. The SYLI program finished its work on June 29th.