Finding Place: Street Art by Displaced Youth from Syria and Gaza

September 17th — March 22nd, 2016

FINDING PLACE: Street Art by Displaced Youth from Syria and Gaza explores the imaginations and aspirations of youth from Syria and Gaza who have been forced to flee their homes because of violent conflict. Together with their communities, youth work with a team of artists to share their fears and visions of the future on a variety of public canvasses. In the process of expressing themselves through vibrant artworks displayed for everyone to see, these youth are finding place -- from within and without. They are strengthening themselves and their communities.

The works on view were created as part of an ongoing partnership between Mercy Corps and aptART to bring street art projects inside the confines of refugee camps and post-conflict zones. AptArt -- Awareness and Prevention Through Art-- is a group of artists and activists working to give marginalized youth a creative outlet with the aim of amplifying their voices and improving the environments in which they live.

As part of the agency’s broader work with millions of refugees around the world, Mercy Corps’ youth programs focus on those who are coming of age in places where life is in a constant state of disruption, connecting them with the right support at the right time so they can thrive and transform their communities and countries. Through projects such as street art, Mercy Corps helps young people regain their sense of personal safety and recover from the psychological stress that can result from living in crisis.