Emergency response partnerships

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In emergencies we see more than statistics: We see people — and the possibility to work together to make them well, whole and strong. Mercy Corps helps people around the world meet their urgent needs while laying the foundation for a stronger tomorrow. Within our mission is a commitment to be there when the world needs us — before, during or after an emergency.

We know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all response. We listen to what people need most during crisis and then act quickly to provide the urgent resources people need to overcome adversity and build a stronger future.

Our corporate and foundation partners play a critical role in our response. Partner with Mercy Corps today to plan for how your company will bring together employees and customers to respond to crises.

Preferred disaster response partnership: By becoming a Preferred Disaster Response Partner, we can work together on a customized partnership plan to support relief efforts. This means that when emergencies happen, you are ready to respond.

To learn more about becoming a Preferred Disaster Response Partner, email us today.

Fundraise for Mercy Corps today: Start your online fundraiser to support Mercy Corps' emergency response today. By fundraising for Mercy Corps’ emergency response, you can empower people to survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.

Case Study: Disaster Response Partnership with Xylem

Background: When disaster strikes, employees look to their companies to make a difference. Often, a company’s disaster response process doesn’t start until this moment: They search the Internet or ask around and must make hasty decisions.

Project: Since 2008, Xylem and Mercy Corps have responded to emergencies using a different strategy: thoughtful, ongoing support for vulnerable communities that has improved the water, sanitation and hygiene of nearly 1 million people. Together, we created the WASH Emergency Response Fund, a resource from which Xylem can quickly allocate funds based on requests from Mercy Corps field teams.

Impact: The partnership between Mercy Corps and Xylem impacts people around the world who need it most. But it also impacts another core Xylem audience—its employees. Xylem’s 12,500 global employees, who can’t go to the site of an emergency themselves, are able to engage with the company’s response by giving to Xylem in support of Mercy Corps.

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