Partner Case Studies

Engaging Google Employees

Background: Google and Mercy Corps have worked together since 2008. Through grant making, in-kind support, employee volunteering and employee giving, Google has supported Mercy Corps work in many countries around the world. As part of this holistic partnership, we engage with Google through use of its technology, its employees as both donors and technical volunteers, and through its corporate and foundation giving to strategic emergency response and technology-related initiatives.

Project: After the Nepal earthquake in 2015, Googlers stepped forward with support ranging from donations, to travel fund allocations, to volunteering their time. Their response offered a small group of employees deep engagement and reached scale by making it easy for employees to give. Most recently, in 2017, Googlers in three cities around the world participated in human centered design workshops to bring this approach to Google-funded Mercy Corps programs.

Impact: By leveraging employees in support of their partnership with Mercy Corps, Google gives their purpose-driven workforce the opportunity to respond to emergencies, engage in leadership development and further the company’s mission. Learn more about our employee engagement opportunities ▸

Starbucks’ Impact in Tea Communities

Background: Our broad and deep expertise, excellence in program implementation and understanding of local contexts make Mercy Corps an ideal partner to companies and foundations that want to make lasting impact.

Project: For over 13 years, Mercy Corps has partnered with Starbucks in India and Guatemala to improve lives in tea growing communities, including those where Starbucks sources its tea and botanicals. Together we have worked alongside communities to provide clean water to drink, decrease waterborne illnesses, teach business and life skills to young people, and help vulnerable people access new economic opportunities through starting small businesses and accessing financing.

Impact: More than 100,000 individuals have benefited, transforming lives and strengthening key value chains for the company. Working with Starbucks’ Tazo brand, we tell the story of this impact through digital storytelling. Learn more about our grantmaking opportunities ▸

A Shared Cause with TripAdvisor Community Foundation

Background: The war in Syria and broader refugee crisis have created a humanitarian crisis unprecedented since World War II. As Mercy Corps responds to the evolving needs in Syria, neighboring countries, and the region, we have looked to our corporate partners to not only make their own financial contributions, but to rally their audiences for the cause.

Project: In 2015, the TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation contributed $125,000 to Mercy Corps for refugee crisis relief and agreed to match their traveler community’s donations to Mercy Corps and one other international charity, allocating up to $375,000 in total for these matching grants. TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation reached out to millions of people in its global traveler community urging them to make a donation. In 2016, the partnership grew with a $1 million grant, including matching gift support for another fundraiser, which launched in the spring of 2017 and raised more than $150,000 for Mercy Corps’ refugee programs.

Impact: Together we created an opportunity to unite the TripAdvisor traveler community around a common cause and raised awareness about an important global issue, while maximizing the company’s philanthropic efforts to support refugee families. The funds enabled Mercy Corps to reach refugee families with essential items like food and shelter as well as cash, giving them the dignity they deserve to provide for their children and families. Learn more about our cause marketing opportunities ▸

Disaster Response Partnership with Xylem

Background: When disaster strikes, employees look to their companies to make a difference. Often, a company’s disaster response process doesn’t start until this moment, making it more difficult to mobilize quickly and navigate the many challenges that arise in emergency relief efforts.

Project: Since 2008, Xylem and Mercy Corps have responded to emergencies using a different strategy: strategic, ongoing support for vulnerable communities that has improved the water, sanitation and hygiene of nearly 2 million people. Together, we created the WASH Emergency Response Fund, a resource from which Xylem can quickly allocate funds based on requests from Mercy Corps field teams.

Impact: The partnership between Mercy Corps and Xylem impacts people around the world who need it most. But it also impacts another core Xylem audience—its employees. Xylem’s 17,000 global employees, who can’t go to the site of an emergency themselves, are able to engage with the company’s response by giving to Xylem in support of Mercy Corps. Learn more about our emergency response opportunities ▸

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