Corporate and Foundation Partners

Why partnership matters

Even in the face of the world’s most complex challenges, like us, our partners believe a better world is possible.

In disaster, in hardship, and in more than 40 countries around the world, Mercy Corps is there delivering lifesaving support for urgent needs — and applying bold solutions to help spark, scale and sustain transformational change. But we can’t do this work alone. We need the support, expertise, innovations and solutions of our corporate and foundation partners to go beyond business as usual to help people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities. We need you.

Our partnerships are tailored to the unique objectives of each partner and the opportunities to leverage multiple assets of each organization, including financial resources, employee talent, product, customer engagement and more for greater global impact.

Ways to partner

At Mercy Corps we have a menu of partnership opportunities that support our mission and your business objectives. We can work together to create a partnership with the right elements for your company or foundation. Contact us today to discuss further.

Cause marketing

Donate a portion of sales, tell the story of our partnership and impact, and offer ways for customers to give or create products unique to your support of Mercy Corps.

Grantmaking impact

Invest in Mercy Corps with a grant to support our priority programs. Together we can create lasting change and help your company meet its business and philanthropic goals.

Emergency response

Your company, employees and customers want to help when a disaster strikes. Mercy Corps enables you to respond quickly with a partner you trust.

Partners in Possible

Demonstrate your belief in the possibility of a better world by joining Partners in Possible – our annual giving society.

Find out what's possible