Field Update: Mercy Corps Preparing Large Refugee Transition Near Pakistan Border

Pakistan, January 16, 2002

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    A refugee at the Killi Faizo camp carries his family's 50 kilogram wheat flour ration back to their tent. Afghan refugees continue to arrive at the Chaman border area in southern Pakistan. Photo: Scott Heidler/ Mercy Corps Photo:

Mercy Corps is preparing for a large movement of refugees at the Chaman border area in southern Pakistan. Approximately 7,000 to 8,000 refugees who have been in the "waiting area" just outside of the Killi Faizo transition camp for about three weeks are expected to be admitted over the next few days.

The 1,300 current Killi Faizo residents are also expected to be moved to a new camp - Dera - located four miles from the town of Chaman and in an old refugee village. Then over the next three or four days all of the refugees in Killi Faizo will be moved to Dera.

In line with its role at the three existing Chaman area camps (Killi Faizo, Roghani - 17,166 refugees, Lande Karez - 10,833 refugees), Mercy Corps will manage all food and non-food distribution and warehouses at the new Dera camp.

Mercy Corps also has a water management program at Roghani camp and a hygiene education program at Killi Faizo.