United States

The context

We're proud to call Portland, Oregon home of our global headquarters, and we also have offices in Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, MA. We partner with our team members around the world to help people survive crises, overcome adversity and transform their lives. Learn more about our global work ▸

Though much of Mercy Corps’ work takes places internationally, we’re also committed to achieving our mission close to home. Our local projects focus on fostering strong, productive and informed communities right here in the Pacific Northwest.

And our global emergency response team stands at the ready to respond to disasters across the U.S. in times of extreme need, such as after Hurricane Katrina and the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Our work

While most of our work focuses on international responses, we do respond to domestic disasters in moments of extreme crisis. Given the monumental scale of destruction and the overwhelming needs, Mercy Corps has been working hard to support relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

We also supported several organizations that helped communities in Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey. We primarily focused on helping organizations that have a deep history in the Houston area working with vulnerable, at-risk and under-served populations.

Our U.S. programs include: