South Sudan

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Emergency alert

The United Nations has declared famine in parts of South Sudan, and has also announced that Yemen, Somalia, and parts of Nigeria are on the brink of famine. Your help is urgently needed to respond to these crises and others around the world.

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  • Photo: Dominic Nahr for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Respond to acute crisis fueled by ongoing conflict. Provide life-saving humanitarian assistance that improves food security and livelihoods for the long-term. Support education, social services and protection for the most vulnerable.

The context

Political and ethnic tensions erupted into violent conflict in the capital of Juba in December 2013, quickly spreading throughout the states and plunging the country into a massive humanitarian crisis. More than 2.1 million people are internally displaced and over 1.5 million have fled to neighboring countries.

Ongoing warfare continues to deepen the current humanitarian crisis. Immediate needs for clean water, health care, sanitation, food, shelter and protection are dire, and millions of people now require urgent support to survive and get their lives back on track.

In recent months the situation has deteriorated significantly: a famine has been declared in some parts of Unity State where Mercy Corps is one of the largest responders.

Our work

  • Emergency response: Providing vital assistance, including food, water, shelter supplies, hygiene and sanitation to thousands displaced by the current conflict.
  • Children & Youth: Building classrooms, distributing school supplies, and providing emergency education and emotional support for children and adolescents affected by violence.
  • Agriculture & Food: Helping families re-establish farms and livelihoods in areas where there is some security and safety and providing cash so people can buy the food and supplies they require.
  • Economic opportunity: Increasing families' self-reliance by supporting local markets and businesses.

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