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Emergency alert

The United Nations has declared famine in parts of South Sudan, and has also announced that Yemen, Somalia, and parts of Nigeria are on the brink of famine. Your help is urgently needed to respond to these crises and others around the world.

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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Respond to emergency needs stemming from conflict and displacement, while continuing work to build more resilient, peaceful, and productive communities in Puntland, Somaliland and the South-Central region.

The context

Despite the country’s notorious instability, the northern parts of Somalia are relatively calm and functioning. Still, more than two decades of civil strife and extremism have resulted in a long-lasting class of displaced people dependent on government and humanitarian interventions.

While some people are now choosing to return to their homes after years of displacement, they still face challenges. Frequent droughts, floods and other stresses threaten the stability of entire communities, and continue to make families vulnerable to food insecurity and loss of livelihoods.

In 2017, food security concerns continue to rise as a persistent drought ravages the country, leading to low crop production and water shortages.

Our work

  • Emergency response: Distributing food and clean water to displaced and returnee families.
  • Conflict & Governance: Providing technical assistance to help build local governments' capacity and accountability.
  • Economic opportunity: Providing training, cash assistance and livelihood support to restore incomes and strengthen local economy.
  • Children & Youth: Increasing education, economic and civic participation opportunities for youth to reduce instability.
  • Women & Gender: Promoting equitable opportunities and garnering community support for girls and women to attend school.

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