South Sudan

February 15, 2010

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There are
Images painted right in the core of your mind,
No camera can take, nor video rewind;

The sight of a young man carrying a new born calf in his hands
Trudging open plains, mother cow in tow, lowing in reverence

Cattle herders painting their skin grey,
Dancing the night away naked,
because the sun is away

Siblings holding hands and walking in the bright sun,
Herding goats and sheep, this their fun

The sound of laughter from cattle herders huddled around a fire,
Cows and bulls surrounding them, safe because of their masters

Images of people gyrating and ululating;

Drumbeats on a Sunday evening;
Married with voices of people a-singing,
Homage to the One that created all things Living!

Pictures of the hopes and celebrations of a life so vibrant

These, the images one revels in,
Forever imprinted on the minds of those looking in.