Water flows again for a Somaliland community


October 21, 2009

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    Mercy Corps Somalia  </span>
    Mohamed Jama Harale, a Beer community elder, is grateful that Mercy Corps helped restore water service to his village after flash floods washed away existing infrastructure. Photo: Mercy Corps Somalia

Beer (pronounced Bayer) village in Somaliland lost its water system in 2005 when flash floods hit the region, swept away water delivery pipes, and left a seasonal community well clogged with silt. Parents looked to their children for help and in turn students stayed home from school to help ferry water for livestock and household use.

Mercy Corps, with funding from USAID, recently replaced old water pipes and the pump dynamo, refurbished the community water standpipes and constructed a new reservoir at the school.

Today the community’s rehabilitated stand pipe bubbles with running water and Mohamed Jama Harale, a Beer community elder, exudes excitement as he explains, "I am happy that my animals can now get water and my three sons and one daughter who are school age can get time to go to school."