My introduction


September 2, 2010

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Life was fair enough when I got a job as soon as I finished school. It was my first time in the world of non-governmental organizations and there was a lot to expect in such a challenging environment.

I started working with Mercy Corps as a Project Assistant in an emergency response program to internally-displaced people and urban poor host communities in the eastern region of Somalia.

It was a great challenge for me to work with such vulnerable communities that have lost everything they had in their lives. It made me fall apart whenever I heard their stories. This made me feel sad and sometimes traumatized, but it did not stop me from doing my work and helping my people.

I started dealing with these issues, day after another, until it became a part of my life. This work shaped me in a way that taught me more about myself and others. It helped me solve my own issues without waiting for someone to come and help.

I love my job and my colleagues. The workplace is wonderful and it makes me want to stay for longer and come back eagerly again.

Mercy Corps is a learning environment and I am grateful for the opportunities it has given me.