Technology for Development

In an increasingly interconnected world, Mercy Corps harnesses technology to improve aid delivery and advance economic development projects in our global programs. For vulnerable people to receive the right assistance, they must be properly identified by aid systems. And for them to thrive in today’s economy, they must have access to the internet, fluency with online platforms and digital identities — a required qualification for access to social services in many countries.

Mercy Corps uses technology to deliver aid faster, better and to more people around the world — while reducing the digital divide.

We do this by:

  • Using initiatives such as Signpost to provide accurate, real-time information about services to refugees and migrants who are on the move, or starting a new life in a new community.
  • Installing WiFi hotspots in refugee reception facilities and areas where natural disaster has destroyed local infrastructure.
  • Connecting youth to employment opportunities through creative, technology-enhanced solutions such as the Gaza Sky Geeks startup accelerator and code school.
  • Ensuring youth have access to quality communication technology information and training.
  • Connecting talented, young technology thinkers and creators to the resources they need to turn early-stage products into startup companies.
  • Efficiently identifying the most vulnerable people who need our assistance.

Together with our technology company partners, we are (1) developing digital solutions to tough global challenges; (2) setting an example of the ethical use of technology for our peers, our donors and the governments we work with; and (3) innovating programs around the world to help create a world of digital inclusion and opportunity.

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