Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas

Our emergency response team is on the ground, working tirelessly to help survivors and meet the needs of families and communities affected by this devastating storm.

The Voucher and Fair Implementation Guide

Vouchers are a type of cash transfer programming (CTP). Typically, they are used when an agency has concerns regarding the distribution of cash (i.e., security, diversion, corruption, liquidity, etc.); in areas which lack functioning formal or informal financial institutions; or when an agency has reasons to restrict or direct program participants’ purchase of goods or services (i.e., to ensure a nutritionally-balanced diet).

Fairs may be used within a voucher program to provide a common location to exchange vouchers.

Mercy Corps' Voucher and Fair Implementation Guide (also available in Français and العربية) provides clear, step-by-step guidelines for teams implementing cash, restricted cash, or commodity voucher programs. Written for an internal audience, the Guide may also be useful for peer agencies.

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