Conflict Analysis in Bouar, CAR

A man building a brick wall
February 22, 2018

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Mercy Corps in the Central African Republic (CAR) recently carried out a conflict analysis as part of its USAID-funded ASPIRE program. ASPIRE (which stands for Advancing Solutions for Peace through Intercommunity Reconciliation and Engagement) works with youth and community leaders to manage inter-group tensions, rebuild community cohesion, and strengthen pluralism in the town of Bouar and its surrounding areas.

This new conflict analysis provides an in-depth look at the actors, interests, and drivers of conflict in the Bouar region, while also providing recommendations aimed at de-escalating the conflict. Recommendations include:

  • Preventing livestock theft and organizing meetings between livestock herders and local authorities to prepare for the next cattle migration
  • Promoting the complimentary activities and shared interests of livestock herders and crop farmers
  • Ensuring the equal treatment of Muslims and non-Muslims by the administration
  • Restoring illegally occupied housing and property
  • Developing a "cash-for-work" type program for youth from areas with a high militia presence

Given the fluid conflict dynamics in CAR, this new analysis will be critical to NGOs and donor agencies - helping them ensure their interventions are based on the most current contextual analysis. The analysis is available in both English and French.