DR Congo

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  • Photo: Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Empower the most vulnerable people affected by conflicts to overcome hardships in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Respond to urgent needs while striving to move rapidly to long-term recovery.

The context

The DRC hosts one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, centered particularly in the east. Despite its vast wealth of human and natural resources, the country struggles with many challenges. A lack of infrastructure, stunted economy and weak governance cause serious hardship and inhibit development efforts. Furthermore, over two decades of armed conflict has displaced some 1.5 million people within the country (UNHCR, 2016). Demographic pressures , rapid urbanization, food insecurity and youth unemployment compound looming threats on the horizon.

Our work

Providing safe water in urban areas to 60,000 to 129,000 people daily. Our WASH approaches have significantly reduced diarrheal diseases in children under 5 years. We ensure sustainable access to quality WASH services and resources. Building on our medium-scale urban WASH expertise, we aim to replicate the model in other major towns. At the same time, when humanitarian crises result - in the Kivus alone- in over 1.5 million IDPs (OCHA, 2015), we respond to acute WASH needs. We integrate long-lasting solutions for the self-sufficiency of IDPs and host communities.

Food security
Addressing the root causes of food insecurity for 392,000 vulnerable people in the province by improving maternal, infant and young children nutrition. Unlocking smallholder farmers’ potential to improve their productivity and increase their incomes.

Economic opportunity
Promoting economic development in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. Supporting sustainable livelihood development using a market development approach. Striving for human dignity for IDPs, we are at the forefront of the unconditional cash transfer humanitarian approach.

Youth and Gender
We spotlight youth entrepreneurship and vocational skill trainings to break the cycle of poverty. Our team facilitates new jobs creation and livelihood opportunities. We recognizes the particular challenges that beset men, women, boys and girls - discrimination and sexual and gender based violence, Mercy Corps strives for gender equity in each and every program.

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