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  • Toni Greaves for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Enable Afghans to improve their quality of life by helping them build sustainable, legitimate livelihoods.

The context

Decades of ongoing conflict, political instability, drought and economic chaos have left Afghanistan one of the world’s poorest and unstable nations. Eighty-five percent of the population relies on agriculture and natural resource-based livelihoods, leaving them vulnerable in a precarious economy.

Our work

  • Agriculture & Food: Increasing farmers' production through training, infrastructure and links to local and global markets.
  • Economic opportunity: Providing young people with vocational training and support to start small businesses.
  • Environment: Addressing natural resource depletion by promoting solar energy and educating farmers and government officials about sustainable water management.
  • Women & Gender: Helping women learn job skills and start small businesses.
  • Children & Youth: Supporting healthy development by providing opportunities for peer engagement and social inclusion.

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