Colombia: Reclaiming children of war

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Colombia: Reclaiming children of war

Colombia has not known peace for decades.

As many as 14,000 children fight in a deadly, cocaine-fueled conflict. Most of them come from rural areas, where poverty is a way of life, education is limited and opportunities are few.

Hundreds of youth are rescued or turn themselves in each year. But it’s too risky to return home.

Mercy Corps is helping them START OVER.

Stories of lives in transition

photo essay

If guerrillas fall into government hands before they turn 18, they are given a second chance ▸


A day in the lives of teenage ex-combatants now living in a transitional home, learning how to be armed for a new life ▸

photo essay

Adriana was just 12 years old when she joined an illegal armed group. Ten years later, she’s helping fellow soliders back from battle ▸

photo essay

What happens when former child soldiers are asked to draw their lives yesterday, today and tomorrow ▸

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