What makes a successful candidate?

  • Photo: Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is fortunate to attract many applicants for our open positions, we appreciate your interest in our organization and your passion for the work we do. We also respect your time, and offer these suggestions to ensure that your candidacy is well-considered:

  • Your resume should provide specifics on what you accomplished in past or current jobs - rather than simply listing your job responsibilities.
  • Include the duration, with month and year, of each employment or volunteer experience.
  • Please keep your resume to a reasonable length - a maximum of two to four pages is ideal.
  • Always include a cover letter - it's the best way to summarize how your skills and experience make you the right candidate for the job.
  • If you are applying for more than one position, it's ideal if you can complete a separate application - with tailored resume and cover letter - for each one.
  • Include a list of all countries you have worked in and all languages in which you are proficient; it's helpful to also note your level of fluency.
  • Even if your background is non-traditional, if your experience is relevant to the position we encourage you to apply. Just be sure that your resume matches the requirements of our position description, and that you clearly state in your cover letter how your experience suits the requirements of the position.
  • Be patient! Each application you complete will receive a response.