Manzura Tuichieva, Country Operations Manager

Manzura Tuichieva

Manzura Tuichieva has spent the last 10 years managing operations and security for the country team in Tajikistan.

Her role supports her team on tasks ranging from operational risk management and mitigation, to the start of new Mercy Corps programs and offices, to working with agency and government partners. She also helps with staff development.

During her time at Mercy Corps, she’s also had several short-term assignment opportunities, where she provided her expertise to another country team while expanding her own knowledge and experience. She’s worked on two Syrian refugee responses in Turkey and Ukraine, supported Kyrgyzstan and another response more recently in Jordan.

Manzura enjoys working with a team of people from all over the world, as well as Mercy Corps’ culture, approach, mission and treatment of its people. She believes Mercy Corps is a pool of the most talented people she has ever met, and is gaining knowledge and experience every day.

She started her career at her university as a project assistant at a UN agency, then moved to World Bank/IFC as a project coordinator. She later joined EBRD as a credit portfolio advisor before applying for her role at Mercy Corps.

Manzura received her bachelor’s degree at State University in Khujand, majoring in foreign languages, then received a master’s degree in management. She also has a master’s degree in law from the Tajikistan University of Business, Rights and Politics.

Her primary hobby outside of work is designing and making dresses. She’s been passionate about fashion and design since her childhood.