Video: "My Child's Café" nourishes kids in North Jakarta


December 11, 2009

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We would like to thank those who have given online to Mercy Corps by posting this three-minute video of a program made possible by your donations: Healthy Street Foods in Jakarta. Its name in Bahasa Indonesia is Kedai Balitaku, which translates to "My Child's Café."

This program was launched in response to the global food price spikes in 2008, and is implemented here in the capital city of Indonesia, a country with alarming rates of child malnutrition. Taking advantage of the popularity of street foods in urban Jakarta, the program is making healthy food accessible to children under five, while providing poor families new avenues to earn an income. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including all my colleagues working for Mercy Corps Indonesia!

(By the way, the catchy song you'll hear in the video is the song that plays as the cart rolls along through neighborhoods in North Jakarta.)