Bulasat using community reconstruction kits to rebuild their church

Indonesia, January 30, 2011

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    new_church.jpg Photo: new_church.jpg

The other day, Mercy Corps and IOM teamed up to show ECHO some of the areas we have been working in.

At 10 a.m. we met at KM 8, across the channel between Sikakap and South Pagai. We had two cars, and made our two-hour journey to Bulasat, located at KM 41.

By noontime we arrived at Bulasat. At the furthest end of where they’ve relocated, the people have rebuilt their church, moving the wood and pillars from their old village to the new location. It was wonderful to see the people of Bulasat using the saws, picks, hoes, shovels and especially the hammers from the community reconstruction kits that they were given.

We walked around and saw how people were using the hygiene kits to collect water, and how they’ve used the their household reconstruction kits to help them build their homes.

Thank you ECHO for funding of household reconstruction kits, community reconstruction kits and hygiene kits. They are doing wonders for the people in the sub-villages.