Woman on a farm in india

The context

Large swaths of the Indian population remain desperately poor despite the country’s rapid economic growth, led by the flourishing private sector. These communities are often unable to access basic amenities and services, and have limited access to opportunities offered by the growing economy. Millions of people are especially vulnerable to the impact of disasters and may lose their fragile livelihoods and homes all at once if a natural disaster strikes.

Our work

  • Emergency response: Responding to human suffering in the aftermath of disasters with emergency supplies, cash distributions, and water and sanitation services.
  • Agriculture & Food: Linking farmers to markets and supporting them with tools and resources to improve productivity and increase incomes.
  • Children & Youth: Teaching proper hygiene in schools to reduce disease, and empowering young people through leadership training.
  • Health: Working with rural communities to provide water and sanitation facilities and encourage proper hygiene practices that positively impact community health.
  • Economic opportunity: Training unemployed youth from tea-growing families and connecting them with jobs. Helping small businesses run by women improve and grow through management and technical resources.
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