Peace and conflict

Iraqi civilians displaced after conflict shaking hands over a fence

When communities are in conflict, growth and progress come to a halt. 

Conflict and crisis can cause significant setbacks in areas that are key to a community’s future, like economic development, public health and more. Today, more than 70 million people across the world are displaced due to conflict — the highest number recorded since World War II. 

Communities experiencing conflict have higher rates of poverty in comparison to more stable communities, and community members have a harder time accessing key resources like healthcare and education.

  • 1.4m

    people we've reached through our conflict programs
  • 120

    Malian women leaders we've helped to resolve local conflict
  • 279

    Guatemalan women we've trained on violence prevention
  • 25k

    Kenyans who contributed to an election violence early warning system


That’s why our work in over 15 countries to help promote peace and defuse conflict is so critical.  We work with communities affected by conflict to promote peacebuilding techniques and address interpersonal conflicts before they escalate. 

We connect young people with opportunities for civic engagement and education about rejecting extremism. We support legislation that promotes peace and positive relations between governments and their constituents. We establish crisis management groups that help local authorities identify and defuse conflicts. 

When we come together and help communities end conflict and build a path towards peace, we are all one step closer to a stronger tomorrow. 

For more technical details on our peace & conflict programs, please download our approach document.