Mercy Corps’ response to details of abuse by co-founder Ellsworth Culver

Mercy Corps’ global team of 5,500 humanitarians around the world has been shaken by recent revelations that Tania Culver Humphrey, daughter of Mercy Corps’ co-founder Ellsworth Culver, brought details of sexual abuse perpetrated by him to the attention of leaders at the organization in the early 1990s and again in 2018.

We are profoundly sorry that Mercy Corps contributed to Ms. Humphrey’s pain over many years. Those at Mercy Corps who engaged with her, both in the early 1990s and in 2018, failed her and failed to live up to our values. Our Board of Directors has initiated an independent, external review to examine how people and processes failed, in order to correct any governance and management issues. This is just the beginning. We are determined to do whatever it takes to become a stronger ally for survivors of abuse and to rebuild trust with our partners, program participants, donors and the wider community.

We are also committed to keeping our supporters and the public informed on the information we learn in our review as well as the actions we are taking.