Market Systems Development

  • Photo: Sean Sheridan for Mercy Corps

Promoting market systems development and growth is fundamental to Mercy Corps' work around the world.

We take a progressive approach to improving economic well-being along the entire development spectrum. After disaster, in humanitarian crises, or in mature markets, we build systems that foster sustainability and scale, even in the most fragile and complex environments. We work with farmers, entrepreneurs, financial service providers and other key community stakeholders to ensure individuals and businesses can capitalize on economic opportunities and develop productive economic relationships.

Our focus areas

The Markets, Economic Recovery, and Growth (MERG) Technical Support Unit encompasses five complementary technical teams:

  • Agriculture: helping small farmers and pastoralists increase their productivity, adapt to climate change and produce and consume nutritious food
  • Economic Coping and Recovery: advancing market-aware emergency response and cash transfer programming
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship: promoting relevant, demand-driven skills and linking people to safe, decent, and equitable work
  • Financial Inclusion: enabling currently underserved populations to fully participate in their local and national economies through access and usage to a broad range of financial services
  • Market Systems Development: addressing the underlying causes of market dysfunction to reduce poverty

Concentrating on these five areas enables us to address the challenges and issues that are most critical to the communities where we work. Learn about our market systems development approach here.

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