Evidencing the Value for Money of the CCI’s Cash and Legal Programmes

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Mercy Corps' Cash Consortium team in Iraq has just published a 38-page report examining the value for money of cash transfer programs.

The report was championed and led by Mercy Corps, working in partnership with Oxfam, NRC, DRC, and IRC. This is the first study of its kind, and is set to advance the understanding of how to enhance the impact of cash transfer programming.

“As humanitarian actors, we are committed to maximizing the impact of every dollar in the communities we serve. However Value For Money is too often distilled to cost efficiency without any discussion of effectiveness. This report examines the relationship between cost efficiency and effectiveness. By sharing this research, we’re hoping to influence a global conversation around value for money and promote support for quality programming at scale," says Lotti Douglas, Director for the Cash Consortium in Iraq.

DFID economists have called the report the most innovative piece of work on the subject contributed by humanitarian community.

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