Emergency Response

This video details Mercy Corps' approach to emergency response.

Mercy Corps has responded to almost every global natural disaster in the last 20 years, including the Nepal earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Japan tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, and the Indian Ocean tsunami. As a result, Mercy Corps has become an acknowledged expert in disaster response strategies that address immediate humanitarian needs while also preparing communities for a sustainable recovery.

Mercy Corps has the immediate capacity to respond to the needs of those affected by conflict or natural disaster through interventions that draw on our expertise in water and sanitation and early economic recovery. Aspects of emergency response programming also focus on increasing civil society capacity and good governance and often emphasize activities centered on the role of youth and conflict mitigation in communities.

Mercy Corps has a dedicated team that works to strengthen the agency's overall emergency response capacity by supporting on-going initiatives relating to capacity building, the documentation of lessons learned and ongoing participation and coordination with colleague agencies through a variety of interagency working groups.

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