Climate Resilient Development case study - Experiences from Ethiopia and the Mercy Corps' PRIME program

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Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME) is a five-year multi-agency program in the dryland regions of Ethiopia that focuses on supporting pastoralists via market expansion and long term behavior change. PRIME also works to integrate strategies aimed at helping communities become more resilient to climate change and its affects on society. As one of the first large, multi-sector programs to integrate climate resilience across outcomes, PRIME is an opportunity to examine the successes and challenges of integrating climate change adaptation principles and practices. The goal of this narrative report is to use three case studies to describe what kinds of climate integration activities are part of PRIME and what they look like on the ground, along with some key lessons learned over the course of PRIME’s first three years. We hope this will be useful information for program designers and implementers, and that it can be applied in the context of other projects and settings.

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