Climate Resilient Development

Mercy Corps’ Climate Resilient Development (CRD) approach integrates climate adaptation strategies into all long-term development objectives.

For Mercy Corps, resilience is a process, a way of thinking and acting - not just an end state.

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Our work

We work to build diverse connections and relationships between people, communities and the systems that support them to plan, prepare and manage for change in times of increasingly complex social, economic and ecological shocks and stresses.

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Our approach

We recognize climate change as a key driver of these shocks and stresses and have developed a Climate Resilient Development (CRD) approach to guide how we integrate climate considerations across our work.

This development-first approach builds climate resilience through development strategies that reduce poverty by increasing food security, enhancing social cohesion, and strengthening governance that is inclusive of marginalized and impoverished people.

Mercy Corps’ capacity to integrate climate change into its broad portfolio of programming has rapidly evolved through experience across nine countries over the past seven years.

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