More Than Markets: Building Resilience in Northern Uganda


July 16, 2015

In More Than Markets: Building Resilience in Northern Uganda, Mercy Corps finds that even where economic development programs are successful in achieving income gains, they may not make communities less vulnerable. Based on market systems development work in the Acholi and Karamoja sub-regions, this report finds that one-off, single-sector development programs are unlikely to build resilience to cycles of crisis that underpin and exacerbate chronic vulnerability. In fact, they may result in new, unintended risks.

To build resilience, More Than Markets recommends that development actors:

  • Initiate flexible, multi-year programs that work across economic, ecological and social systems.
  • Anchor resilience programming in government-led development platforms.
  • Utilize market systems tools, but, to build resilience, move beyond market development alone.
  • As part of a resilience framework, build the voice and transformative capacity of local communities.

Download the full report ▸ More than Markets: Building Resilience in Northern Uganda

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