Migration To and From Tunisia

boat on beach

Tunisia has become a key country at the crossroads of migration between Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Europe. Since the early 2000s the number of sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia has been steadily increasing — some seeking to stay, while others are en route to Europe — as more and more Tunisians are also emigrating to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. These new trends in movement to, through and from Tunisia led to Mercy Corps (in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council and REACH) undertaking an in-depth study to understand Tunisia as a destination, departure and transit country for migrants.

Based on over 150 in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with experts and migrants (Tunisian and from Sub Saharan African countries) the research produced two reports:

  1. Tunisia, Country of Transit and Destination for Sub-Saharan Africans:  identifies the motivations and experiences of migrants in Tunisia, including the protection and legal challenges that many face.
  2. Tunisia, Country of Emigration and Return: focuses on Tunisians who venture to Europe, with a perspective into their lives abroad and challenges reintegrating when they return to Tunisia.

As a whole, the study sheds light on the complex legal and institutional arrangements and difficult choices facing migrants, which demand greater policy and programmatic attention.