Mercy Corps and Pastoralism

February 13, 2015

More than 25% of the earth’s resources in over 100 countries are managed by a large yet significantly ignored economic group — called pastoralists. More than 200 million pastoralist people live in arid, remote areas characterized by extreme temperatures and unpredictable rainfall. While these conditions limit opportunities for sedentary and arable farming, with mobility and careful management of resources pastoralists and their livestock can transform scant water and vegetation into nutritional and economic value.

Mercy Corps is implementing programs addressing pastoralist issues in Africa (Niger, the Horn of Africa, Uganda and South Sudan) and Asia (Mongolia and Afghanistan). Valued currently at over $134 million, our programs have contributed to improving the resilience of more than one million pastoralists.

This document explains the history and current challenges that pastoralist communities face, why addressing their needs builds resilience, and how Mercy Corps structures and implements our pastoralist programs.


PDF icon Mercy Corps_PastoralismOverview_English.pdf PDF icon Mercy Corps_PastoralismOverview_French.pdf

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