ICT Business Development

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Market Mapping of the Palestinian ICT Sector and the Opportunities for Partnerships in the Region

This report aims to highlight opportunities for increased international business for Palestinian ICT companies based on the results of research carried out by Intellect, with support from Mercy Corps, PITA and IAESI, in addition to participation of nearly 200 Palestinian and Israeli companies.

The research examines the intersection of Palestinian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector capabilities with demands for software outsourcing support by technology companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. A specific focus is on outsourcing opportunities to Israel; more broadly the aim is to identify means for expanding the Palestinian ICT services export market to Europe and the US. The report includes recommendations on implementing this expansion, while bearing in mind the state of the world ICT marketplace, as well as the very real obstacles and challenges of the regional political situation which constrain or limit both the Palestinian and Israeli ability to establish business partnerships.

The research demonstrates that opportunity exists for Palestine to expand its ICT outsourcing services significantly through increased deal-flow from Israel and other countries around the world.

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