HIV/AIDS and Microcredit


March 27, 2009

The estimated number of people living with HIV/ AIDS in Honduras is 63,000; however only 4,000 have accessed free antiretroviral (ARV) medication supplied by the government. The provision of micro credit strengthens the economic base of rural families infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, improves access to services, and increases their capacity to lead independent and productive lives within their communities.

It is often impossible for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), particularly those living in rural communities, to access loans from financial institutions and micro credit programs due to the risk of default. To empower rural families affected by HIV/AIDS, the Community Health and Micro Credit (CHAM) program of Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG), with support from Mercy Corps, distributed micro credit loans to 12 HIV/AIDS stricken families in the northern region of Comayagua from 2005-2007.


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