Governance Promotion through Conflict Management in Iraq: Final Evaluation

Iraq, June 1, 2011

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Since 2009, Mercy Corps has supported The Network of Iraqi Negotiation Experts (NINE): a nationwide network of 87 Iraqi leaders committed to promoting good governance and reconciliation through consensus-based negotiation. NINE members include Sunni and Shia, Arab and Kurd, religious leaders, government officials, and other community members who resolve potentially violent conflicts using negotiation and mediation.

Mercy Corps' "Governance Promotion through Conflict Management in Iraq" program (GPCMI) has provided these men and women with the tools they need for success. NINE members have so far resolved 130 major disputes and trained an additional 1500 people in mediation. This report relies on baseline and endline survey data to measure the success of the program. The participants reported vast improvements in their level of confidence and perceived expertise, as well as increases in the number of successful mediation attempts. This report also suggests improvements moving forward, for example placing a greater emphasis on women's involvement. GPCMI has proven that in the wake of conflict, most people are willing to set aside their differences in order to work toward peace.


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