The Global Food Crisis Response Program

May 27, 2010

Review of Lessons Learned

The overall goal of the Global Food Crisis Response (GFCR) program was to improve immediate and medium-term food security, while laying the groundwork for long-term solutions in vulnerable communities worldwide.

Program implementation focused on fulfilling three strategic objectives: (1) address short-term needs of 7,700 vulnerable individuals to reduce suffering and ease impact of the rise in food prices; (2) reduce vulnerability to future food security shocks by laying the groundwork for stronger livelihoods for 8,400 individuals; and (3) pilot a multi-country emergency response and disseminate best practices.

Discussion of lessons learned in this document follows the chronological order of the program’s implementation, from early assessment & planning, to initial quick-impact interventions, and finally to longer-term interventions.


PDF icon GFCR_Lessons_Learned_April_2010_web_version.pdf

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