Agri-Fin Mobile Releases First Annual eBook


August 21, 2013

By William Yang

Agri-Fin Mobile released its first ebook today, aiming to share the lessons learned in building partnerships over its first year of operations. The ebook is the first of series of three case studies that will examine the developments of Agri-Fin Mobile as it builds partnerships, develops products and technology and takes them to market. The ebook highlights different partners that Agri-Fin Mobile works with and the motivations and strategies used to engage with each.

The ebook is categorized into six different sections based on the major types of partners working with Mercy Corps. In each section, we conduct further analysis about each partner’s motivation, benefits and lessons learned from partnering with them. While each section is unique, we never forget the bigger picture of “bundled” service that the program aims to ultimately establish. We also identify each partner according to their unique value to the entire program, making them stand out in the Agri-Fin Mobile ecosystem.

The ebook is meant to share our approach we use to build partnership and to identify the type of organizations that we work with in the program. As the facilitator, Mercy Corps ensures that the unique role of each partner is recognized. As we bring the right partners into the program, the goal in the next two years is to further sharpen the role of technology and products that can successfully bring out the bundled service in rural areas. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a sustainable model that tackles problems of food insecurity and low-incomes in rural areas.


PDF icon AgriFin_Mobile_eBook_2013.pdf

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