Adolescents inside Syria: No One Hears Us


August 7, 2015

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Through Mercy Corps' extensive work in and around Syria, we have continuously witnessed youth and adolescents in crisis. In one of the first extensive surveys of adolescents living in Syria, Mercy Corps and our partners interviewed more than 450 adolescents, family members and community leaders about how youth are coping with the war. Our new report, No One Hears Us, outlines the team's findings.

The overwhelming finding is that adolescents in Syria feel hopeless, isolated and disenfranchised. Mercy Corps concluded that we need to support girls, boys and parents to develop solutions to restore self-confidence and hope to young people inside Syria. This report provides recommendations for getting youth-focused programming right, including:

  • We need to get girls involved with their communities outside the family and reconnect them with their friends through small-scale community projects to reduce isolation and hopelessness.
  • We need to get boys engaged in relief and community support projects to foster a sense of purpose while also enhancing their life skills and future prospects.
  • We need to raise awareness among parents and the community of teenagers’ needs, problems and potential to increase community support and foster mutual respect.

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