2012 Roadmap to End Global Hunger

July 24, 2012

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    Filingue, Niger. Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps Photo: niger-201202-cnelson-0975.jpg

Hunger and malnutrition are the number one risks to health worldwide: almost one billion people go to bed hungry each night and malnutrition contributes to one-third of all child deaths. In addition, each year up to 100 million people may face acute hunger brought on by natural disasters and conflicts, with women and children often suffering disproportionately. Global food prices rose three times as fast as inflation in the last decade, with riots breaking out in 40 countries in the wake of food price spikes in 2008-2009. In a future with more people and limited resources, combating global hunger remains one of our world's most pressing, yet solvable, challenges. The Roadmap for Continued US Leadership to End Global Hunger offers recommendations to ensure continued effectiveness of US global food security programs.


PDF icon Roadmap to End Global Hunger (July 2012)

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