Sudan Pledging Conference Fails to Bridge Massive Funding Gaps as Needs Mount

June 19, 2023

The outcome of today's high-level pledging conference on Sudan in Geneva represents a huge setback for the Sudanese people. The pledges for Sudan and neighboring countries, which amount to approximately $1.5 billion, fall far below the massive $2.6 billion needed for the 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan and the $445 million for the Regional Response Plan to respond to the crisis in Sudan alone. 

Mercy Corps Country Director for Sudan, Sibongani Kayola, says: 

"The $1.5 billion pledged today, which appears to include both new and past commitments, remains a severe setback for millions of Sudanese people, including children, women, and men, who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance to survive and start to rebuild their lives amid a catastrophic conflict.

"In just two months, a staggering 2 million people, including 1 million innocent children, have been forced to flee their homes, confronted with the daunting challenge of survival and an uncertain future. Insufficient funding to address the humanitarian crisis will worsen hunger, further erode the already struggling healthcare system, and exacerbate widespread poverty. The window to provide a timely response, including for a successful planting season, is also rapidly closing, heightening the risk of severe hunger in the coming months.

"Despite some generous pledges and shows of solidarity made today, I am disheartened to see donors failing the people of the greater Horn of Africa yet again. Donor countries must take immediate action to fully meet the humanitarian appeal and Regional Response Plan and prevent a catastrophic humanitarian situation in Sudan and the surrounding countries–a situation that will only worsen when neglected. Donors must urgently disburse their existing pledges and step up additional funding. The people of Sudan cannot afford to wait any longer."